Reconstruction Talent Centre (idea 24/06/2016)

Plan for the reconstruction of demolished industrial heritage
Original object: N.V. Karel I cigar factory, previously H.J. van Abbe (1926-1997)
Original design: Arend Gerrit Beltman (1869-1934)
Project developers responsible have gone bankrupt; their business had turned into chaos,
which was most likely the reason the building was not saved: read article (Dutch)

Scale 1:25
Photo 02/07/2016
The idea is that the early modernist industrial heritage is redesigned as a systematic product
Detachment from it's original context makes the concept ready for serial production,
with an adapted realization for each new environment the center is placed in

The costs of this reissue are estimated around 60 million euros; versions with 1-3 floors reduce this amount
The image displays a one floor version
This Karel I factory was unique in its size and the sawtooth shape of the roof rose almighty above the area,
providing the fourth floor of the building with the much praised and smooth northern light
Economic forces caused that the town's central pharmacy was taking over the more natural products of the plant
in the early sixties