r Robert van der Velden | Projects

Saint John's cathedral 's-Hertogenbosch, with crossing tower 98,5 meters high,
about 106,5 meters above NAP and 2,5 meters higher than the original;
proposal for restoration.

This project has a remarkable time-schedule. The ideal year in which the tower
should be completed is 2029, exactly half a millennium after it was built initially.
This reveals the unique quality to be sensitive to the fourth dimension, time.

This is approximately what the building looked like in its heyday, when the crossing
tower was built for the first time
The crossing tower was realized in 1529 and burnt down in 1584 after being
struck by lightning, thereby setting the whole building on fire

The first bishop of 's-Hertogenbosch Franciscus Sonnius alias vanden Velde (from
1561 until 1570, when he moved to Antwerp to become the first bishop there)
was inducted three years after the church became a cathedral in 1559
He was absent during the iconoclast in 1566.
Source: De Sint-janskathedraal van 's-Hertogenbosch. Geschiedenis van
de Bouw

Photo taken 06/09/2016
Original image 06/11/2016
32,7 x 43,6 cm 300 dpi
Print 06/18/2016