remake commemorative panel of the lords of montfoort; mixed media on photo print; 142x69 cm; 29/09/2012, adaptations on 05/12/2015, 06/02/2016, 01/07/2016, 12-15/07/2016, 15/08/2016, 19/09/2016 and 10/10/2016                    
original panel discovered by me on 04/05/2011, 666 years after the battle of warns                    

commemorative panel of the lords of montfoort; original; oil painting on oakwood; 142,9x69,5 cm; made around 1400 ac                    
part of the collection of the rijksmuseum, amsterdam; the first three died on 26/09/1345 in the battle of warns against the frisians, the fourth was badly wounded                    

saint oda, born around 679 ac blind, about 666 years before the battle of warns; cured from her blindness after visiting the grave of saint lambert                    
image from 'generale legende der heylighen' of petrus ribadineira and herbertus rosweydus (antwerp, 1649); lived the last part of her life in rode, taxandria                    

maria magdalena, born around 13 ac, about 666 years before the birth of saint oda;                    
possibly the wife of jesus christ, with whom she may have had children                    
jesus is supposed to have saved her from seven evil spirits                    
fresco by beato angelico (san marco, firenze, 1438-1440 AC), named 'noli me tangere'